Educating for Change
 As every year, the Mississauga Arts Council’s MARTY Awards 2013 honoured the artistic achievements of city’s established and emerging artists from categories including literary arts, media arts, performing and performing group arts, visual arts, and creative community award.
 School doesn’t have to necessarily be concrete and walled. For communities living along the banks of Manchar Lake, the ‘Boat School’ remains a means of salvation. Access to education in the waters which is their home has given the children aspirations and dreams. Their eyes light with hope and joy as they come to learn every day; and despite the clouds that hang low on their days, they dare to dream….dreams to learn and grow and thrive; to move mountains, to build bridges, to change the world. Boat School is an initiative of the Sindh Education Foundation, working for furthering education for marginalized communities in Pakistan.
 Signifying love, unity and continuity to life and living, celebrating a union in marriage is festive, colorful and fun-filled across all traditions, faiths and lifestyles. Rung highlights the color, the zest and the magic of the moments shared by family and friends, coming together to bless new beginnings.
 April showers bring May flowers, That is what they say. But if all the showers turned to flowers, We’d have quite a colourful day! There’d be bluebells and cockleshells, Tulips red and green, Daffodils and Chinese squill, The brightest you’ve ever seen. You’d see tiger lilies and water lilies, Carnations pink and blue, Forget-me-not and small sundrop Glistening with the dew. We’d have fireweed and milkweed And many more different flowers. Mexican star and shooting star, Falling in the showers. And if all the showers turned to flowers On that rainy April day, Would all the flowers turn to showers In the sunny month of May?