Border Crossings

The Border Crossings Project is an archaeology of the present. By using stories and narratives as the main resource, the Art Gallery of Mississauga aims to fuel alternative ways of seeing across a broad range of physical and cultural contexts, through sharing and exploring realities, ideas of self-representation, colonial narratives and presenting parallel histories.

Dancing Across the Border

Celebrated as a dance innovator, Nova Bhattacharya expands the cultural space for the evolution of bharatnatyam. In 'Dancing Across The Border', three of Nova's dancers share their personal experiences with crossing borders: physical; metaphorical; geographical; linguistic; spiritual and personal. Powerful and humanistic, these dances breathe rich life into the borders between classical bharatanatyam and contemporary dance. The presentation was part of the Border Crossings Project, an Art Gallery of Mississauga initiative generously funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

Unifying Drums

Drums are the heartbeat of Mother Earth. From celebrations to religious ceremonies, entertainment to ritual healing, the vibrations create a universal connection between people and across communities. 'Unifying Drums' witnesses the power of the percussion instrument as a conduit between histories and stories and its significance in stimulating creative expression. As you learn about the variations of drums across cultures, the nurturing beats of the African djambe, Indian srikhol and indigenous hand-drums will embrace and carry you.