Organic Drift is a journey through the lens and seeks to honour the dignity of all beings. In its wishful vision this work is a pursuit to find meaning, and build a base of respect for multiple realities and worldviews, so I leave the world more accepting than how I found it.    

The beginnings...They say the wand always chooses the wizard. As far back as memory goes, whenever the universe presented an opportunity, there was a camera in my hand. Film or digital, polaroid or point-and-shoot; I grew up not realizing I'm in it for the long haul and that passion, just like the image, never ages nor warps. As a autodidact videographer with a curious sense of observation, I have evolved with an equally enduring urge to navigate life, one that flows on beyond the visible spectrum, beneath the surface of things. I like being behind the camera because I don't like being in front of it. Overlaying this however is the truth that a camera in hand allows me to maintain an ambient presence, thus gaining the distance to rediscover the world.

Within projects that traverse the spirit of community, the ebb and flow of my search goes beyond documenting just the elemental moment. Through signifying peripheral voices and visuals, their passion, raw emotion, pure joy and dreams, as well as the disparities, challenges and inequities, it is my hope that Organic Drift generates shared dialogue, sparks self-reflection and enables us to relate inclusively rather than exclusively. The journey has so far taken my lens and me through an endless river of experiences - across languages, geographies and cultures - and allowed me to grow through the imaginations of many.

It continues to be a humbling quest.